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Taunia Adele Heffer

Taunia Adele Heffer

After many years and a few different shops I feel like I have found the perfect place for me to pierce! I've been piercing at Alchemy since April 2012 and could not be more happy! If you haven't come to the new shop yet; you must! Not only am I working with amazing tattoo artists; Shannon McLean & Kim Bernhard, but Alchemy is also a clothing store and hair salon! This one stop fabulous place is full of amazing people who just want to see the world smile, who wouldn't love working here! With the tattoo and piercing room completely separate from the rest of the store, we offer a sterile environment that is fun to be in and that you want to come back to again and again (and there are enough things here that there is always something new)!

I have been doing piercings professionally since 2006, but have spent my life admiring, studying and practicing any chance I could! There has always been something about body modifications that has drawn me in and I'm so happy to be able to  have it as my career!

It's my goal as a piercer to always make sure that everyone leaves my shop feeling like all of their questions have been answered. Being pierced as much as I have, I know that piercings shops can sometimes be intimidating and you may be too shy or nervous to ask all the questions you wanted to, so I try to make sure that I cover all the bases but also make you feel completely comfortable! I try to keep a very laid back look at life and now working at Alchemy allows me to have that same vibe in my shop! So please feel free to ask me every little question you have about your new piercing, because I love to talk about them and I love it even more knowing someone is learning from it!

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